Sam’s interest in storytelling was sparked by high school plays and musicals where he discovered the reward of realizing a creative project.

This led Sam to study a Bachelor of Film and Television at Swinburne University, where he found a particular passion for the editing, the writing process and working with sound. Working on over forty short films at university has given Sam a great grounding in all areas of production and experience with projects of different scopes and budgets. Additionally, Sam has worked to create videos for organizations such as Positive Posters, Red Aware and bands such as The Scrimshaw Four.

Throughout this time, Sam has also volunteered with a Youth Organization that runs Summer and Winter camps for kids aged 8-18, which has contributed a lot to his understanding of management and team building.

Sam completed an exchange to San Francisco State University in 2013 where he got the opportunity to build his portfolio and get experience with the American industry.

Most recently Sam is employed as a Conform Editor for Channel 7 working with video for online platforms.

Sam loves to meet new people and has traveled to the USA, Canada, Europe, Spain, England, France, Israel, Jordan and all around Australia.



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